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Moving Account :iconeiyecaieyre:EiyeCaieyre 0 0 Yondaime and Vivi :iconeiyecaieyre:EiyeCaieyre 5 20 Haku :iconeiyecaieyre:EiyeCaieyre 3 5 Deidara Portrait :iconeiyecaieyre:EiyeCaieyre 1 7 Confucianism homework :iconeiyecaieyre:EiyeCaieyre 2 7
Whenever the wind blows in spring,
I ask of it; why blow the flowers away?; and the wind would have no answer
Except to hurl flower petals at my feet.
When the wind blows in Autumn; so does Winter come,
And with its coming so leaves all the joyous reds and oranges and yellows.
Like pigeons scattering after a gunshot
But slowly, haltingly, hesitatingly,
Like feathers floating upon the surface of a pond,
Swirling and pausing with every eddy of water.
When the wind comes in the night,
And I am alone,
And my hot hands leave steamy fingerprints upon the cold glass
I watch the wind, and pretend I can see its movements.
Sometimes I think I can see them, a shadow in the darkness.
But the wind would laugh at my assumptions by rattling my windows when I least expected it.
The Storm, the Wind,
Howling and tearing across the land, so wild and free,
Rain spattering across the ragged earth, such cold earth and stone.
I think I hear ancient footsteps walking along with mine in this wildness.
And I, c
:iconeiyecaieyre:EiyeCaieyre 5 11
Tutorial: Tessellations :iconeiyecaieyre:EiyeCaieyre 7 9 Science homework comic :iconeiyecaieyre:EiyeCaieyre 9 4 Sketch for Faerain :iconeiyecaieyre:EiyeCaieyre 0 4 Naruto OC's :iconeiyecaieyre:EiyeCaieyre 1 4 Tabora and I ID :iconeiyecaieyre:EiyeCaieyre 0 0
Sorting Hat Quiz - Beta
Copy and Paste following url:
Although there are many different Sorting Hat quizzes circulating the internet, this one is truly unique in the fact that it assesses many different aspects of your personality through subtle personal preferences. Many quizzes are quite obvious in which answer provides points towards which outcome, but this one is really rather subtle. Also, try to be completely honest in this one. Just because you chose Snape as your favorite professor doesn't necessarily mean that'll count 100% towards going into Slytherin! (Oh yes, and please remember -- each house has produced noble witches and wizards -- being in Slytherin isn't necessarily a /bad/ thing!)
Do you have the daring, nerve, and chivalry to be a Gryffindor? The intellect, caution, caring, and quiet wisdom of a Ravenclaw? Or perhaps you're hardworking, steadfast, and patient in working towards your goals, like a Hufflepuff? Maybe you'll find yo
:iconeiyecaieyre:EiyeCaieyre 2 5
Friendship :iconeiyecaieyre:EiyeCaieyre 24 11 Rose Ref Sheet :iconeiyecaieyre:EiyeCaieyre 0 0 Zino is destructive :iconeiyecaieyre:EiyeCaieyre 22 12
In Memory - DH spoilers
In memory of my two most cherished professors -
by Tatiana Joan Lupin
In memory - In memory of professor Remus John Lupin
In memory of you, daddy.
I still remember - do you?
The day we met on the Hogwarts Express. I saw you first, sleeping in the compartment, even though I'd never seen a teacher on the train before.
I remember the dilapidated old suitcase that hung above, peeling letters proclaiming humbly : R.J. Lupin.
And the way Ron said you looked as though one good hex would finish you off.
You knew me as soon as you woke up. You knew me, though I did not.
I remember how you were after you told me who you were, my father. You were all kindness and gentleness…always there to guide or help…
I remember the way you laughed when I was home during the summer holidays, the afternoons in the sunlit, dusty kitchen we spent together, playing chess. The afternoons you spent helping me with my homework, even though you were busy with work for the Order, but pretended that you weren'
:iconeiyecaieyre:EiyeCaieyre 0 2

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Mature content
no-title :icondivs-m:Divs-M 1,088 254
Fairy Tales and Folklore :iconkittyvane:kittyvane 601 122 In The Zone: Part 1 :iconsewwy:Sewwy 452 196 Old Man Willow :iconmboulad:MBoulad 1,289 289 Fiori Rosa Fiori di Pesco :icontuxology:tuxology 36 33 Controcorrente :icontuxology:tuxology 6 13
They say every woman is a piece of the moon,
but I want the sun.
Dear Apollo, explain to me why you gave up
clear mornings for the shadowy future.  
And I'll make you wish you hadn't burned a time before.
Because he's still sleeping, turned towards the window,
the thick blinds cracking with sunlight in the early dawn.
The navy sheets his royal dress, the rays his glory crown.
I wake up next to a god on Sunday morning,
hands still dirty from the night before.
But when I sleep, I dream of rhyming big words
Building them on top of each other, letting it touch the sky.
I rub up against them once in awhile to test their strength,
To see if they feel soft against my forehead.
And then I lose whatever I've found.
He says the forgetting defines me.
Once, in another life, I was a girl in Montana.
My face wasn't smooth and I carried a knife
strapped to my boot. I branded horses with a reverse K,
and carved hearts into bedposts.
I guess I felt a need to prepare for the real thing
:iconmcclelland:McClelland 184 63
Our Issues
Your heart grew up in a black wooden box
and thought it fabulous,
                    its world of
                    right angles,
                    wood grain,
                    and eternal night.
It hated me when I bored the hole
that let the sun singe its eyes, cook its skin,
when rain collected the dirt on its skin
in a puddle beneath its feet and said:
"look how dirty you are, foul thing."
It hated and
hated and
still hates,
      always crawling
                under any
                    box it finds.
I kicked it                       
out of its hiding place.
It ran out howling, hating and being
hated by everything:  pigeons swerved to       on it
wasps went kamikaze on it, black widow spiders
dropped   e      
              s    in its ear while it slept, wild
horses made love to its rear,
trees lashed it, roses
turned their scent away, woodpeckers
pecked at its
:iconyvesmb:YvesMB 122 47
Forest magic :icongrey-seagull:Grey-Seagull 3,611 346 Fat Dragon in a Little Fort :iconneekko:neekko 769 276 LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONGER :icontomasbrechler:tomasbrechler 328 189 Freddy :iconkaztorama:kaztorama 326 137
The Willow Snip in the Mooneye
“When the night begins,
And the Gods settle their stately monocles
Atop their snirling
Cheekbone horizons, when a snuffbox of silt
And sentiment has been whiffed, passed,
And the rook fiddles its first
Riddling chords of cadaverous caprice,
Will you lay the river in my lap and let her purr,
Purr at my touch? Will you listen
For crashing cymbals of ripples swept away?
Will the night not begin and riddle its chords to kill the days?”
“There is rancor, Sir,
In the hearts of these rivers -
Do you note her scaly bergs, her
Snowblinks, her slim lids on the putrid
Eyes of Argus
Tending his flocks of driftwood,
The kenning of snow-drops to their
Hostels of frost, their nodding pull at each
Gust and sigh and purr; do you imagine her
Retraction of icicles is not slicked in the silence
Of chilled blood, that she will not craft your bones
To the very splinter as you are hocked from her maw to the bank,
Death-verse of rosewood or ebony?”
“Can you not See?
I am to bend, bend
:iconnly:NLY 62 20
The Peacock and Juno :iconflyingpenguin:flyingpenguin 90 31



People's Republic of China
Current Residence: Shenzhen, China
Favourite genre of music: See above ;)
Shell of choice: Macaroni =P
Favourite cartoon character: KYYAAAA! KAKASHI! And...Haku and Naruto and Shikamaru and Neji and Sai and Yamato and... and... ;P
Personal Quote: Ignorance-- birthplace of the 7 deadly sins!
  • Listening to: Yura Yura - Hearts Grow
  • Reading: Naruto Shippuden Chapter 384
  • Eating: Dinner
  • Drinking: Water
Heya all! To those of you who've watched me up till now, I thank you for your support. I hope you can keep on watching me at www.khari-guardian.deviantart.… ^^

I just wanted a fresh new start. My stuff's getting too cluttered. It's going to be hard work to re-add everyone on my watch list and most of the things on my fav list ><;;;

Oh well!




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